May Oh May What a Month it Will Be!

May Oh May What a Month it Will Be!CMS logo

So why are we so excited about May?? Well, this is the month Conservation Made Simple will be able to mark as the start to an incredible journey! As I write this article, our team is making the final touches to our website, social media posting schedules, and more!

July 13, 2017 was the day we became a recognized nonprofit within Washington State.

April 10, 2018 was the day we became a 501(c)3 nonprofit through the IRS.

May 1, 2018 is the day you can now see the below changes:

  • Our website is now live.
  • Our blog is now live and will start having regular content.
  • Our volunteer program is active and our current volunteers have created a new social media posting schedule.
  • Our Instagram and Facebook will now have regular, insightful, and fun content!
  • We can now accept donations to help further our mission for environmental conservation and education. (Don’t believe us? I challenge you to press the link…) Donate Now
  • Our Board is working diligently to build the foundation and contacts for impactful programs.
  • The team is looking into the future of the Steward Empowerment through Education Project by asking you all for help building our contact and location list.

This is a list of things that we currently are working on, however, with the rate this month is going, be prepared for more big news and breakthroughs! You can stay up to date on all our news if you find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, sign up for our newsletter through our website, and subscribe to this blog! Thank you for all the support so far and we here at Conservation Made Simple are excited for the future of this organization!

If you would like to contact us about ANYTHING, please do! Email us at

Cameron Winkler
Conservation Made Simple


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